A big bag emptying station allows you to empty the big bags in comfort and safety for the operator and to send the product to the next production step without waste.

The bag is lifted – by a forklift or hoist – and inserted into the emptying station with the outlet of the product downwards. The mouth is loosened and secured inside the appropriate ring.

To facilitate the descent of the product, the empty bigbag station can be equipped with pneumatic cylinders that alternatively hit the bag. To interrupt the product flow and keep it inside the bag, the station can be equipped with a manually operated diaphragm valve, which if activated closes the outlet of the bag.

BHT manufactures the big bag emptying station in different versions, based on Customer’s needs, material contained, expected usage and available space: big bag emptying stations with probe for granule and flat-bottomed extractor, pneumatic suction or auger for dust extraction.