Mineral charge extraction with manual bag cutter, equipped with integrated dedusting filter.

1st phase: loading

Loading of the powders into the bag cutter and transfer to the dryer by means of a tubular screw.

Extraction station designed for 25kg bags.

The bag cutter is equipped with a minimum level indicator and a compressed air fluidization system, to facilitate the descent of the product, reducing the risk that it will pack inside.

In addition, we preview an automatic dust collector, to reduce fumes and dust during the loading phase by the operator.

During the loading of the dryer, the mixer reel, located inside it, will automatically activate and dedusting will be carried out.

At the same time, the dryer itself will be brought under vacuum through the turbine.

This dedusting system will also be connected to the big-bag filling station, to reduce the fumes during the filling of the big bags with the dried product.


2nd phase: drying of the product

Subsequently, the diathermic oil circulate in the dryer jacket to reach the optimum temperature.

Inside the dryer a temperature of about 80 ° C is reached to reduce the humidity of the product.

The temperature is controlled by temperature probes and thermostat.

In this way, the heating of the diathermic oil within the circuit is managed.

The temperature of the oil station can be set with a timer.

The timer allows you to plan the temperature and have the station ready at the start of the production shift.


3rd phase: conveying to the big-bag filler

Finally, at the end of the drying process, the treated product will be extracted and conveyed through the screw to the big-bag filling station.

The material can be transferred automatically or manually, by means of a special push-button panel installed on the station.

In any case, it is always necessary to make sure that an empty big-bag is correctly positioned to receive the product.

The big-bag filling station is, however, equipped with a maximum safety level indicator.



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