Screw dosers are ideal for dosing powders, granules and some grinded materials.

BHT auger dispensers are available in various sizes, depending on the required flow rate (from a few grams per minute to 8000 Kg/h) and thus act as micro-dispensers up to augers.

They allow to integrate, with speed and precision, the feeding of the product in processes of transformation, which:

  • extrusion
  • blending
  • packaging
  • covering

The dispensers are totally made of AISI 304 stainless steel or, on request, AISI 316 and can be certified ATEX 21 or ATEX 22 if necessary.

The dosers can also be completed with:

  • polishing treatments
  • hammerers
  • vibrators
  • level indicators
  • fluidization kit
  • teflon coating