The twin-screw volumetric dosers are used in particular when there are highly compacting powders and/or when high consistency/precision in the dosage is required.

In fact, thanks to the two self-cleaning screws, a regular and constant flow is guaranteed.

The gravimetric twin-screw dosers are suitable for continuous or batch applications:

  • continuous flow ranging from 400 g / hour up to several tons / hour
  • batch dosing capable of dosing even small quantities of product.

The dosing units can be equipped with one or more load cells and thanks to the original BHT software, the dosing device adjusts the flow so as to always guarantee the required flow rate.

The construction is modular, characterized by an extreme ease of disassembly which simplifies cleaning and sanitizing operations for product change needs.

These machines are also configurable for “industry 4.0” systems.