Are you a customer in an industrial sector?

Or are you a customer who installs plants or production lines?

BHT can help you by supporting you in your work in two different ways:


For user customers:

  • Is managing the powdered ingredients in your production process a problem?
  • Do you need to set up a new production line that involves the use of one or more powdered ingredients?

BHT can help you by reasoning with you about the problem or the project and together obtaining the best solution to obtain a functional and budget-friendly result.
You can contact us to request a free visit and / or inspection; with the collected data we will send our proposal.


For installer customers:

Do you need to complete your plants or machinery for mixing, mixing, extrusion, packaging with systems for dosing, feeding and transferring powder ingredients?

BHT can be useful to accomplish your task.

Contact us by phone, email, fax or social media and send us your process data and your customizations: we will process your requests and send our proposal in the shortest possible time.


We do all this with:

Flexibility: We can customize the product and make it suitable for your needs.

Speed: We produce with delivery times in line with your requests.

Feasibility guarantee: We test your ingredients to ensure the success of the project.

A certain type of relationship: We prefer to lose an order today but maintain a relationship of trust with the customer.


Contact us for any information or details.