BHT offers twenty years of experience in dosing and pneumatic conveying for powders and granules , from the electrical management and control software, to the finished machines. All processes, designs and tests are performed inside the company; our experts follow the process from the starting idea to finished product, all throughout the life cycle, until the delivery.

For over 20 years, we are in this field, so much that automation and dosing are really our strong point.

Our Company idea is that of a team putting their skills at Customer’s disposal to create each time the most suitable solution for each request.

Our relationship with the Customer is at the center of our actions because we want our Customers to be satisfied of what they get with our help.

Our Company is young and willing to improve with the time and stay at pace with a market in continuous evolution, which requires to constantly stick to new requirements.

BHT cooperates with other Company in bulk handling environment offering complementary products to mutually strengthen their market position and create a cooperative “hub”.

Our slogan “dOSING for passion” includes our will to be on the market in this critical moment in order to offer our technical and teaming skills.


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