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Case Histories


Case Histories


For BHT, each supply is a unique story since our Customers all have different distinguishing needs. Each supply is a mosaic piece composing our experience, in which Customer and Supplier are main characters.

Here you can find some of most significant case histories:

JANUARY 2014: Bag emptying station with volumetric screw feeder - ecology, Italy

DECEMBER 2013: Dosing plant for granules - plastics sector, Eastern Europe

DECEMBER 2013: Dosing system for a microniser feeding - pharmaceutical sector, Italy

OCTOBER 2013: Volumetric screw feeder for constant feeding - chemical sector, Italy

AUGUST 2013: Dosing, mixing and extraction plant - plastics sector, Italy

APRIL 2013: Mineral grit dosing and recovery system - building materials, Ukraine

MARCH 2013: Gravimetric feeders for thermoforming - plastic sector, Italy

NOVEMBER 2012: Sugar vacuum conveying - food sector, Spain-Italy

OCTOBER 2012: Pearl sugar dosing on belt conveyor - food sector, France

OCTOBER 2012: Volumetric screw feeders for chromium reduction additives - Cement sector, Egypt

SEPTEMBER 2012: Extraction, conveying, dosing system for powders - plastic sector

SEPTEMBER 2012: Fine salt dosing on conveying belt - food sector

AUGUST 2012: Screw feeders for grind plastic and granules - plastic sector

FEBRUARY 2012: Powder dosing for mixing into liquid - food sector

JANUARY 2012: Lime dosing - heavy industries sector

JANUARY 2012: Flour dosing for packaging application - food sector

DECEMBER 2011: Gluten conveying and dosing - petfood sector

JUNE 2011: Automatic feeding for fragile products - food sector

MAY 2011: Automatic feeding for irritating products - chemical sector

APRIL 2011: Gravimetric dosing for compound production - plastic sector

FEBRUARY 2011: On demand dosing for pasta production - food sector