BHT offers a wide range of equipment dedicated to big bag emptying.

The big bag emptying machine is used in various industries to empty the containers of powder or granule material, it can be combined with a screw  or a pneumatic conveyor for placing the material in the dosing or mixing plant circuit.

The Big-Bag emptying machines consist of a frame adjustable in height to support the bags of various sizes, and a product picking hopper. It is also possible to provide for lateral pushers or pneumatically operated handling blades to allow the total emptying of the bag in case of not flowing material.

The material can be loaded using a forklift or a hoist, depending on the customer’s needs.

Before loading the frame must be adjusted in height according to the size of the big bag, then the bag is fixed to the hooks located in the upper part of the frame. The lower part of the big bag is introduced into the hopper and, through the special door, the closing laces can be loose for the material to come out.

The hopper can be equipped with an electro-pneumatic vibrator to facilitate the sliding of the not flowing materials, and with a flanged outlet  in the case in which the connection to a screw, or manual butterfly valve, is foreseen.

The whole system has been designed to allow the big bag to be emptied safely, without breaking it and allowing it to be recycled.

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