Following the several requests continuously arriving at BHT for reduced flow rates, we decided to expand our range by inserting the new EC15B feeder.

The new EC15B is very compact, and thanks to its two self-cleaning screws it guarantees both a constant flow rate and a minimum product residue on the feeder. It can be applied in different industries; plastic, chemical, food with special finishes and other sindustries.

We have developed this feeder for flow rates in continuous from 50 gr/h to 3 kg/h in volumetric and from 400 gr/h to 3 kg/h in gravimetric, or for batch feeding of small quantities (data obtained from a standard configuration with sample product in our laboratory).

If you also have this type of problem with the feeding and need low flow rates, do not hesitate to contact us, we have the solution tailored for you.

Dosatore bivite mini EC15BInterno dosatore bivite mini EC15B